Information about the conference:
Location for Automotive Forum 2013
Clarion Hotel Post
Drottningtorget 10,
SE-411 03 Göteborg, Sverige

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Automotive Forum will be held in which automobile and truck industries alike will participate. The conference will cover more of the industry, and interest will be greater.
Automotive Sweden is managing the Automotive World Forum project. Project underwriters are Region Västra Götaland and Business Region Göteborg. The conference is not for profit, but the aim is for it to break even; it will be financed by exhibitor fees and sponsorships.

Conference aims:
to inspire and challenge to be a meeting place to create an opportunity for the Swedish automotive industry to promote itself to establish Sweden as an important meeting place for issues such as these


!did you know...

...that Automotive Sweden is a non-profit organization owned by municipalities in West Sweden. Automotive Sweden regularly arranges seminars and conferences,  distributes a magazine four times per year and a monthly newsletter. To take part of our material and information - www.automotivesweden.se